Triple Threat
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Triple Threat Band Song List!

Want to know what we do? Check out the updated Triple Threat Band Song List!

Studio Demo recordings
New to TTB? Start here with these full-length mp3's release June 2005 featuring the lineup of Dean, Tony, Todd and Brian:

Older Live recordings
Raw, live mp3's featuring the power trio lineup of Dean, Todd and Brian:

  • Parade (unreleased original, Live at Northern Illinois University 6/21/03, multitrack live recording)
  • As Days Go By (original, Live at Hickorystock 8/16/03, open air live recording)
  • The Drink (original, Live at Hickorystock 8/16/03, open air live recording)
Other live cuts we like
Hear these full-length raw, live cuts/covers, recorded open air with these toys. Trio of Dean, Todd and Brian except as noted)

Triple Threat Studio Releases (partial tracks)

Face the Music (1996)

Funky Blues
Empty Arms
Face the Music
Look Around
Inner Angel
The Drink
Watery Eyes
Never Be Alone
Face the Music (Reprise)
Pride and Joy
Things I used to do
Voo Doo Child


Without You (1998)

Lightning Strikes
A Friend of Mine
Long Long Way from Home
Rough Side of Town
Knockin at My Door
Without You
Feet on the Ground
If I Could
You're the One


Face the Music and Without You recorded by:

Dean Granatelli - guitars, vocals, keyboards
Tony Granatelli - drums, vocals
Larue Lindsay - bass


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